A break for the whole family beside the English Channel coast.

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Cider farm le père Mahieu
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'Musée de la Glacerie' (Ice-cream-making Museum)
Mont Saint-Michel (Saint Michael's Mount)
Azeville gun battery
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The Manche département is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday as it is an area that offers the dual benefit of having both exquisite countryside and important historical and human heritage.

You will not be short of activities to enjoy and places of interest to visit throughout the whole département.
This exquisite area has so much to offer you!

Natural places

These are some of the places you will be able to explore:

  • the Lindbergh and Hatainville dunes
  • ‘l’ile de Tatihou’ (Tatihou Island) is a natural area covering 28 hectares which becomes a peninsula at low tide. Visitors to the island can enjoy the Maritime Museum and the Vauban tower and defences which were classified as a World Heritage Site in 2008. Crossings leave from Saint Vaast la Hougue.
  • The visitor centre at The Regional Nature Park of the Cotentin and Bessin Marshes : in Saint Come du Mont
  • ‘Baie de Quervière’ (Quervière Bay) (approx. 1hr): in Éculleville: This peaceful little bay is located on the ‘Sentier des Douaniers’ (Excisemen’s Path) between Landemer and the harbour of Omonville-la-Rogue. (cliffs & wild scenery)
  • ‘Goury Cap de la Hague’ (1hr) :in Auderville: The lighthouse towers 48 m over the waves from its base in the swirling sea and guides sailors into the Raz Blanchard (Race of Alderney) strait. In the distance, you can see Alderney in the Channel Islands.
    ‘Baie d’Ecalgrain’ (Ecalgrain Bay) (1hr): A magnificent panoramic view over Ecalgrain Bay can be enjoyed from the 901 district road from Auderville.
  • Nez de Jobourg (55 mins.): Explore this cliff which plunges into the sea from a height of 128 metres. An impressive cliff surrounded by inlets. It is also a nature reserve for seabirds. There is a spectacular view over the Channel Islands.
  • Anse de Vauville (Vauville Cove) (55 mins.): Vauville Cove extends over 10 km between ‘Le Cap de Flamanville’ and ‘Le Nez de Jobourg’.
  • The Biville dunes (50 mins.): This area of dunes is one of the oldest in Europe. It is constantly shifting and stretches over 200 hectares. It is a protected site. The cross on the dunes stands 125 metres above sea level. A panoramic view over Vauville Cove
  • ‘Anse de Sciotot’ (Sciotot Cove) (45 mins.): in ‘Les Pieux’: A long beach of fine sand between ‘Les Caps de Flamanville’ and ‘Le Rozel’. ‘Le Cap de Carteret’ emerges beyond this rocky headland. Surfers and windsurfers gather when the wind rises and sand yachts appear on the beach.
  • The National Forest of Saint Sauveur le Vicomte (25 mins.): 233 hectares of woodland to enjoy, a discovery trail, arboretum and picnic area –

to name just a few of the things on offer.

These natural places allow you to explore an unspoilt and unique environment beside the English Channel.


Hikes, boat trips and outings by bike and on horseback


  • Above the ‘Plage de Carteret’ (Carteret Beach) and just 5 minutes from the campsite, ‘Le Sentier des Douaniers’ (the Excisemen’s Path) follows the Côte des Isles coastline and heads north providing access to the headland. The Hatainville dunes, which reach over 80 metres in height, can be seen from the semaphore. (The path is defined as ‘GR 223, tour du Cotentin’ by the ‘Fédération Française de randonnées pédestres’ (French Hiking Association) and is signposted with red and white markers).
    You can also enjoy shorter hiking trails (PR), or guided hiking trails (Barneville Carteret Tourist Office).
  • ‘Le Centre Permanent d’Initiatives du Cotentin’ or CPIE (The Cotentin Centre for Environmental Initiatives) organises hiking trips on a variety of themes
  • The ‘Trois Moulins’ (Three Mills) fitness trail: Les Moitiers d’Allone is 10 minutes by car
  • ‘Les grottes de Jobourg’ (Jobourg Caves) (55 mins.): are accessible once more thanks to the ‘A la découverte de la Hague’ association. This now means that each year, from mid July to the end of September, a team of enthusiastic and experienced guides can take you in complete safety on an unusual and physically challenging hike and provide you with truly great experiences.
  • Bicycle hire on the Camping du Golf site: There are several routes perfect for exploring the surrounding area near the campsite.
  • Lypca Equestrian Centreis just 600 m from the campsite: horse riding beside the sea and pony rides in the centre itself, etc.

Cultural outings for the whole family in La Manche

  • The house where the painter Jean-François Millet was born: in Gréville-Hague (near Cherbourg 45 mins. by car): An innovative tour that combines audiovisuals, ethnographic items, original drawings and the regional collection. JF Millet’s birthplace invites you to explore the life and work of the painter
    ‘Musée de la Glacerie’ (Ice-cream-making Museum) in Cherbourg (45 mins. by car): collection of Normandy headdresses.
  • Jacques Prévert’s house: Omonville-la-petite (near Cherbourg 45 mins. by car): In his house you can find out about his astonishing artistic career, see his reconstructed studio, some temporary exhibitions and a film of his life.
  • ‘Le manoir du Tourp’ : Omonville la Rogue (1hr. by car): There are exhibitions, entertainment and public events which take place throughout the year. Every Wednesday: children’s workshops
  • ‘Musée Régional du Cidre, de l’Eau de Vie et des Vieux Métiers’ (Regional Museum of Cider, Brandy and Traditional Crafts): in Valognes (30 mins. by car) : Crushers, presses, pottery, transport equipment, scenes of Normandy life
  • ‘Musée de la mine’ (Mine Museum): in Flamanville (20 mins. by car): The museum charts the history of the miners and their experiences
    The old castle, Benedictine abbey and churches: in Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte (15 mins. by car) : Tours are available regularly
  • ‘Château de Crosville/Douve’: (25 mins. by car): Both the castle and garden can be visited
  • Château des Ravalets and park in Tourlaville (50 mins. by car): Listed as a historic building
  • ‘Le Phare de Gatteville’ (Gatteville Lighthouse)

Fun tours for both adults and children


  • Mini-golf ‘Parc des Douits’ (10 mins. by car): in Carteret
  • Animal park: in Montaigu la Brisette (near Valognes, 30 mins. by car)
  • ‘Fromagerie Réo’ (cheese dairy) and Val d’Ay dairy: in Lessay (30 mins. by car)
  • Isigny caramel making tour : in Isigny (50 mins. by car)
  • ‘La Maison du Biscuit’ (biscuit makers): Sortosville en Beaumont (10 mins. from the campsite), NOT TO BE MISSED ! An old-fashioned road from the 1900s serves as the backdrop for welcoming you into one of the last artisan biscuit makers in Normandy. Tearoom
  • Ludiver Planetarium: In Tonneville (near Cherbourg 45 mins. by car): Find out about astronomy, space exploration, our planet’s environment and meteorology
  • ‘La Cité de la Mer’ (City of the Sea maritime museum): in Cherbourg-Octeville (45 mins. by car): During a full-day visit, you will explore the ‘Titanic, retour à Cherbourg’ tour, which is unique in France. It covers the themes of emigration and the legendary ocean liner: ‘Le Redoutable’ – the largest submarine open to the public in the world. 17 aquariums including the deep aquarium: 11 m in depth
  • ‘Lait Douceur de Normandie’: in Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte (15 mins. by car): Unique products: chocolates and sweets made from ‘la confiture de lait’ (caramel milk jam), menthe liqueur, etc.
  • Cotentin Windmill: in Fierville les mines (10 mins. by car): ‘Ptits meuniers’ (little millers) children’s workshops
  • ‘Cidrerie le Père Mahieu’ (cider makers): in Bricquebosq (30 mins. by car): Tour and free tasting
  • Tractor trailer tour of the oyster farms: in Lestre (50 mins. by car)
  • Cotentin tourist train from Carteret to Portbail, 10 km along the Côte des iles…This train will take you to the markets and back again!
  • ‘Chévrerie des Poitevines’ (goat farm): in Rauville la place ( 20 mins. by car)
  • Channel Islands visit: Day trips to Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Alderney leaving from Carteret, Diélette and Granville.
  • Cotentin tourist train from Carteret to Portbail, 10 km along the Côte des iles…This train will take you to the markets and back again!

The historic sites of the Normandy landings

  • Azeville gun battery: 45 km/52 mins.
  • Pointe du Hoc: 85 km/1 hr 15 mins.
  • Longues-sur-mer gun battery: 109 km/1 hr 28 mins.
  • Crisbecq Gun Battery Museum: in Saint Marcouf de l’Isle 43 km/53 mins.
  • Airborne Museum: in Sainte Mère Eglise 40 km/47 mins.
  • ‘Mémorial de la libertée retrouvée’ (The Memorial to Freedom Regained): Quinéville 42 km/50 mins.
  • Utah Beach Museum in Sainte -Marie-du-Mont 45 km/53 mins.
  • Remnants from The Battle of Donville in Méautis 50 km/51 mins.
  • The Liberation Museum in Cherbourg-Octeville 50 mins.
  • Roule Gun Battery 50 mins. in Cherbourg-Octeville 50 mins.


  • Club ULM (microlight flying club) ‘Les vikings volants’ (the flying Vikings) in Portbail
  • La Côte des Isles 18 hole golf course: Direct access from the campsite, discounts on rounds (see the campsite’s reception for further details)
  • Tennis: Court available just 200 m from the campsite
  • Lypca equestrian centre: 600 m from the campsite: Horse riding beside the sea and pony rides (course packages available)….
  • La Hague karting track (55 mins. by car): Practice, hire, beginners’ courses and races
  • Leisure centre in Saint Sauveur le Vicomte (25 mins. by car): Kayaking, archery, cycling and mountain biking tracks and hiking trails
  • ‘Forest adventure’ (tree adventure park): St Sauveur le Vicomte (15 mins. by car): Tree adventure course for children (from 2 years) and adults. Zipwires, nets, footbridges, bridges and speed roll.
  • ‘Aviron de Mer’ sailing school, 5 mins. away in Barneville-Carteret
  • La Côte des Isles sailing school, watersports centre, boat hire 10 mins. away in Portbail
  • Cotentin surfing club (40 mins. away) in Siouville-Hague